Unleash your flamenco talent! The art of transmitting emotions

Learn to sing flamenco with our method: in a fast, orderly and effective way.

At last you can dare to sing without fear or shyness! We know that singing is like opening up to others and showing your soul.

Thanks to the Método de Cante Flamenco Global, you too can sing flamenco.

Study with our method and start singing! No fear. No shyness. No limits.


The Global Flamenco Singing Method teaches you in five steps the characteristic phrasing of flamenco singing that sets it apart from other types of music. Click here to view the demos of our five-step method which deals with:

Notes and tuning

The compás

Dynamics and accents

Vocal resources

The metal or timbre of the voice

In addition, by studying with us, you will be able to apply our method to all flamenco palos.

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