Cante Flamenco Global is made up of a pedagogical team with twenty years of experience in teaching flamenco.
Cante Flamenco Global is a team of people who share an interest in teaching and researching flamenco. The initiative to create this group arose from the cantaora and teacher Alba Guerrero in view of the need to research the pedagogy of flamenco singing, its vocal technique and technology, with the aim of creating a method of teaching flamenco singing.

The previous project, Cante Flamenco Tech, carried out by Emilia Gómez, Sonia Rodríguez and Alba Guerrero was the definitive spark to develop the Global Flamenco Singing Method. In this new method we focus all our skills on different disciplines such as musicology, technology, pedagogy, teaching vocal technique and musical interpretation and harness them towards flamenco singing.
In this way we have achieved an interdisciplinary approach where the diversity of our training creates synergies and complements knowledge in order to offer a comprehensive and updated course on flamenco singing.


Her professional life is inspired and supported by three fundamental pillars: singing, research and teaching. An enterprising woman born in Huelva and with a degree in Flamenco Singing, Alba studied Image and Sound in Barcelona to pursue her interest in acoustics, sound and technology. She then moved to Seville to study singing at the Cristina Heeren Foundation of Flamenco Art and later received a degree in Flamenco Singing and a Master’s degree in Flamencology (ESMUC, Barcelona).
She has developed her artistic endeavors as a singer, composer and arranger in festivals, tablaos and many halls all over Spain and abroad (Her bio can be found at www.albaguerrero.com).
She has almost twenty years of teaching experience ranging from the Conservatorio Superior de Música “Rafael Orozco” in Cordova, ESMUC, Escuela Superior de Estudios Musicales Taller de Músics, Eòlia, Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático “Miguel Salcedo” in Cordova, Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Institut del Teatre, to the Pompeu Fabra University.
She regularly participates in conventions, symposiums and conferences, giving lectures, masterclasses and workshops including: Symposium Artistic Voice and Vocal Health at Blanquerna-Universitat Ramón Llull, INFLA Research and Flamenco Conference at the University of Seville, International Conference of Phoniatrics and Speech Therapy La Voce Artstica in Ravenna, Jornadas de la Voz y el Canto – Official College of Speech Therapists of the Valencian Community in Castellón, Meetings with the PIE – Independent Platform of Modern and Contemporary Flamenco Studies – UNIA-Arteypesamiento, Seville, among many others.
She is currently teaching, along with Emilia Gómez, part of the subject Flamenco and Technology in the Master’s Degree in Advanced Flamenco Studies at the University of Jerez, the University of Cadiz and the University of Cordova.
In Cante Flamenco Global, she brings together all the experience she has acquired and works closely with specialists of musicology, pedagogy and research in flamenco singing.





Bernat has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and a Master’s from the Pan-European Program PA&R with an artistic and anthropological Master’s thesis about an extensive gypsy family of Andalusian origin living in Barcelona. His work has been presented in various cities in Spain and abroad. He also holds a Degree on flamenco guitar from the Conservatorio Superior de Música of the Liceo de Barcelona, where he worked as an assistant professor during the following year.
Since 1999 he has held workshops on guitar, palmas, combo and musical analysis of flamenco in music schools and cultural centers in Barcelona. In 2007 he was an interim teacher at the Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña (ESMUC) for the subjects of Instrumental Repertoire, Accompaniment to Singing and Flamenco Combo. He has also given masterclasses and lectures on several musical aspects of flamenco at conservatories and universities.
In 2015, as a researcher, he published the audio book “Ritmo y compás: Estructura métrica y articulación rítmico-armónica de los géneros flamencos acompasados”, available at www.atrilflamenco.com and in which he offers an exhaustive musicological analysis of the acompasado flamenco repertoire. He has also published several articles in international academic journals, which are available in the research section.
He is currently working on a doctoral thesis on flamenco clapping, within the framework of the doctoral program “History of Art and Musicology” of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.




Born in Tarragona, Cristina was interested in music and flamenco singing from a very early age and continued to develop this passion to the professional level. After graduating in Flamenco Singing from the ESMUC, she trained at the Cristina Heeren Foundation (Seville). She currently works as a teacher at the Institut del Teatre (Barcelona) and the ESMUC, takes part in various musical projects as a singer, cantaora, composer and she works regularly with traditional, experimental and fusion flamenco companies both nationally and internationally. With her degree in Telecommunications Engineering (Image and Sound), she works as a researcher at the MTG (Pompeu Fabra University) on projects related to flamenco and new technologies as well as researching vocal technique in flamenco with a team made up of phoniatric doctors, cantaoras and specialists in vocal technique.


Angela is a singer, with a degree in Jazz and Modern Music from the Taller de Músics de Barcelona and a vocal coach specialized in Estill Voice Training System (Voice Craft). She also holds a postgraduate degree in Speech Therapy (Blanquerna University).
In the pedagogical area, she has extensive experience as a vocal coach, both individually (training, preparation for live events, castings and for students) and in group courses, workshops and monographs on technical and vocal performance.
She has been teaching vocal technique, musical language, music labs and improvisation in singing in Eòlia since 2007. Since 2012 she has also been part of the faculty at ESAD (Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático) in the departments of singing and music. Since 2015 she has taught individual classes in modern and traditional singing at El Taller de Músics in Barcelona and she also teaches group classes in Estill Voice Training System at ESEM (Escuela Superior de Jazz y Música Moderna, Taller de Músics). In 2010 she obtained the EMT Certification in Estill Voice Training System. She works using these skills as Viv Manning’s assistant for Level I and II intensive courses for voice professionals (singers, actors, speech therapists, etc.). These courses are taught in singing, music and performance schools as well as in hospitals all over the Iberian Peninsula (Cadiz Hospital, San Juan de Dios Hospital in Santurtzi).
As a singer, she recorded the first album of Caguama Trío (2018), a project that included the Cuban cellist Martín Meléndez and the Catalan pianist Lucía Fumero, along with the musical production aspects of Juan Rodríguez Berbín (winner of two Grammy awards) and the executive producer Konpartitu.
In 2015 she recorded her first personal project, De Sol a Son (Temps Record), in which she was the vocalist, composer and arranger. This work combined with the musical production of Carles Dénia and Aleix Tobias, has already led Angela to perform in musical halls in Mexico, Paris, Bilbao, Havana and Barcelona. She is a member of the group a capella cOda (www.codagrup.com), with which she recorded their second album Back to 6.



Laura is a singer, who holds a degree in Jazz and Modern Music (ESEM-Taller de Músics), she teaches singing and is a vocal coach specialized in Estill Voice Training (Estill Master Teacher, 2010).
She has more than 10 years’ teaching experience. She has worked as a vocal coach with actors and singers in her private studio, offering advice for live performances, recordings and preparations for auditions. She also directs vocal groups and works on continuing education programs for music teachers (http://www.laurabernaus.com). Since 2012 she has been part of the teaching team of the Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático Eòlia in Barcelona http://www.eolia.cat/. Since she obtained her EMT degree in 2010, she has been working with Viv Manning as an intern on the official Estill Voice Traning (EVT) levels, both nationally and internationally. More information available here.
As a performer, Laura is a solo singer and accompanist in groups with styles ranging from gospel, soul and jazz, to funk and pop-rock; and performs in various halls and festivals such as the International Jazz Festival of Barcelona, the Black Music Festival of Girona and the Grec Festival of Barcelona, among others. She has recently completed a research project on the distorted vocal effects, also known as extreme vocal effects, most commonly used in jazz and modern music. This work has given rise to the musical project ‘Dist’ tunes, which was presented at the Talent Festival of the Taller de Músics in Barcelona, and which uses a repertoire of soul, funk and R&B to experiment with distorted timbres and vocal effects.




She holds a Degree in Telecommunications Engineering and is specialized in Signal Processing from the University of Seville. Emilia is an Associate Professor (Serra-Húnter and ICREA Academia Fellow) and Deputy Director (PhD) of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (DTIC) of Pompeu Fabra University (UPF). She leads the MIR (Music Information Research) lab of the Music Technology Group (MTG).


Sonia graduated from the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) with a degree in Audiovisual Systems Engineering and is currently a Master’s student in Sound and Music Technologies (UPF). Under the supervision of the rest of the Cante Flamenco Tech team, she is in charge of visual content and image and video editing. She is currently completing her thesis at MTG – UPF as a research assistant within the context of the CoFla Project, which addresses the theme of “Automatic Transcription of Flamenco Guitar from Polyphonic Music Recordings”, and is supervised by Emilia Gómez.


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