What is the Global Flamenco Singing method?

It is a method that analyzes phrasing in vocals by studying five main aspects:

  1. Notes (height and duration)
  2. Metric (in which part of the compás they happen)
  3. Dynamics (accents and silences).
  4. Vocal resources: adornments, effects, vibratos and attacks (thanks to Cante Flamenco Tech).
  5. Metal (timbres of flamenco voices).

You will find a learning system designed to give you the necessary skills to study all the palos, whether they are rhythmic or free of compás.

It is a global method because it allows you to:
Learn all the expressive resources of flamenco.
Study all the palos in a systematic way.
Get to know our method in all the modalities of study: online courses, face-to-face courses or individual classes.
You can study wherever you are in the world thanks to our online method.

And above all, once you know the method, you will have the tools to study any cante, because it is a global and comprehensive method!

What is the difference between online courses and free videos on YouTube?

The free videos on our YouTube channel give you the chance to get to know the teachers by offering an introduction to the five steps of the method through short demos.

If you want to develop your singing to its full potential, we recommend the online courses: it is the place where you will find new videos (different from the demos) with access to the complete content explained in a deep and exhaustive way. In addition, the online courses include two 40-minutes individual coaching sessions via videoconference with our teacher Alba Guerrero.

Should I choose an online course or a face-to-face course?

When you buy an online course you can study without having to travel because you get unlimited downloads. When you attend a face-to-face course you benefit from teacher being physically present.

Both options have their advantages and can be combined as they follow the same methodology of Cante Flamenco Global.

What do I get with online individual classes?

The individual classes will give you the personalized advice you need to improve faster. We can effectively detect which of the five areas of our method you need to work on to get the results you want.

Individual classes are adapted to the needs of your repertoire. Direct contact with the teacher allows you to choose the songs you want to study.