Cante Flamenco Global Method. Alegrias. Do it yourself!

Started on 01/01/1970

Get to know the “Cante Flamenco Global Method. Alegrias “to learn flamenco singing whenever and wherever you want With this downloadable course you will learn the keys of flamenco singing. Te daremos las herramientas para practicar aspectos principales como el compás, la afiación, las dinámicas, los recursos vocales metal o timbre de la voz.

You will be able to apply our method as a study system that will serve you for allflamenco styles. Start with this coursePor alegrias and check the clarity of the explanations and the simplicity of the guidelines that we propose you to learn the ins and outs of singing.

The course includes the guitar accompaniment of Bernat Jiménez de Cisneros Puig (www.atrilflamenco.com) who also participates in the musical advice and design of teaching materials.

Aimed at

Flamenco Singers and singers of all levels.
People singing to accompany flamenco dance.
People who want to start flamenco singing.
Professional singers who want to learn flamenco.
Professionals who are unable to attend face-to-face courses in their countries.

The Flamenco Singing Method :

The downloadable singing course, i.e. unlimited access, includes:

  • 13 didactic videos, plus audio tracks to listen to on your tablet, smartphone, etc.
  • Didactic Materials in PDF: The whole script of the course with extra comments that do not appear in the videos: 8 documents, including the written script of the course, one article on the Compass for Alegrias, two articles on vocal technique in flamenco singing and an article on flamenco vocal resources.
  • A playlist so that you have a historical and artistic perspective, with examples of each of the styles of joys that we are going to study.
  • The Premium subscription for the Vox Tools application for warm-up and vocal training for the first 10 people who buy the course.
  • Two folders with the recording of the alegrías without the voice so that you can practice as if accompanied by the guitar and clapping, at various speeds.
  • No previous musical knowledge is necessary. We adapt to your level.
  • Daily vocal warm-up follows the guidelines we offer you.
  • Practice a minimum of 40 minutes a day, preferably 6 days a week.
How does the course work?

In the course we will study the characteristic salidaof cante por alegrías, known as tirititrán, three different letras and two juguetillos or coletillas.

These are the steps we will follow:

  1. 1. After Watching videos 2 and 3, referring to clapping and vocal warm-up, we will study, in this order, the exit, the toys and the three letters (videos 4 to 8).
  2. Once you have studied it well, we suggest you ti record them using the Play Along tracks.
  3. Next, you will study videos 9 and 10, referring to metal or timbre.
  4. If you want to sing for flamenco dance, you must also study video 11.
  5. If you want some personalized guidelines you can get some Skype classes here.

If you want to know the codes of flamenco singing to accompany flamenco dance, you will find them in this course in a clear and organized way.

You no longer need to travel to learn to sing flamenco!

Once you have purchased the course, you have 5 weeks to complete it.

Here we go!