Cante Flamenco Tech Cante Flamenco Tech was created in 2017 by Emilia Gómez, Alba Guerrero and Sonia Rodríguez at the MTG Music Technology Group Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
This project dedicated to teaching flamenco singing with a focus on technology. To this end, the project integrates current sound and music analysis technologies in their application to one of the most characteristic aspects of flamenco singing: vocal resources. Cante Flamenco Tech has interdisciplinary approach that integrates the fields of acoustics, sound processing and singing.
Cante Flamenco Tech is part of Cante Flamenco Global – Método de Cante, because it is the tool we use to develop your vocal resources, one of the most important aspects in the phrasing of flamenco singing.
You can access the open tutorials in the YouTube channel Cante Flamenco Tech.
Visit the page of Cante Flamenco Tech.
Cante Flamenco Tech in Miríadax, the Ibero-American platform for MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses). 1st edition in November 2018.
The 2nd edition will be available soon.


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