Learn flamenco singing

“Flamenco, a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”
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Learn flamenco singing

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Learn flamenco singing with our method.

Flamenco singing goes Global.

People connect with flamenco all over the world because it expresses emotions in a very direct, powerful and passionate way. The lyrics address global feelings such as love, joy, fear or anger and flamenco encompasses all of them! That’s why we love it! It’s global! From Spain to the world. Our mission is to offer you simple guidelines so that you can learn to sing flamenco in an easy and orderly way. We strive to maintain clarity in our explanations while adapting to your vocal technique, compás or repertoire needs.
What our students have said


Thank you! The course has been really helpful and enjoyable. I very much appreciate the clear and understandable organization and the theoretical and practical aspects presented from a perspective that is both respectful of tradition and demystifies flamenco. To me, your method approaches such a broad and complex subject as this in a way that manages to simplify and bring closer together concepts, without losing either art or perspective. Additionally, it also creates a bridge of communication between classical musical notation and the musical terms of flamenco.

Cristina Falcinella

estuduiante de cante flamenco. Milano, Italia.

I would like to express my congratulations for the approach of the course Cante Flamenco Tech. Thank you for clearly conveying knowledge, for the examples shown, for the references of cantaores cited, the recommended bibliography and for the universal opportunity that you have given us to come closer to this so difficult and yet at the same time so amazing art of flamenco singing. Moreover, thank you for having done so regardless of our level, of our time availability and of our place of residence. A course like this, combined with singing classes, either in groups or individually, seems to me to be a very good methodology to understand and internalize the characteristic elements of this art and to experience through both study and practice an evolution in vocal technique and singing expressiveness.

Alba Mondéjar Márquez

Producción y programación cultural, Barcelona. 

Cante Flamenco Tech Cante Flamenco Tech has allowed me to learn and understand the vocal resources of flamenco singing and their uses. It has presented crucial information to improve the intimate textures of my voice and the vocal details of the sounds of flamenco voices that I have studied. I think it has opened up for me an interesting overview of how to analyze the cante, understand it and reproduce it more accurately, with all the necessary ornaments.

Silvia Temis

estudiante de cante flamenco, Mexico/Canada
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Learn flamenco singing